Safety must haves for DIY


In this video professional wood worker Ashley Quintero guides the viewers about five must have safety gears they should use in their DIY endeavors.

  1. Snug fitting gloves: They are important to keep safe from the potential risk of injuring your fists while using tools and splinters from wood.
  2. Mask: Mask is required to protect lungs from fine wood dust.
  3. Goggles: They protect eyes from debris which can cause infections or worse.
  4. Earplugs: Powertools often create noise of over 85 decibels. Ear plugs will protect ears from potential damages.
  5. Steel toe boots: Steel toe boots will protect your foot/toes from accidental drop of heavy objects.


Ashley Quintero:

Ashley Quintero is a professional who started her woodworking journey two years ago with a couple 2x4's and a nervous ambition. Over the past two years she has developed her passion to a full time small business. She is a stay at home mom to two boys and married to a United States Marine. She fall in love with woodworking and all things D.I.Y over two years ago while exploring cost effective options to fill their home with exactly what she had envisioned. Being a self taught woodworker and coming from zero prior experience, she is also passionate about sharing her lessons to other beginners.

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